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Find an Ideal Contract Manufacturer for Demanding Aerospace Applications

When it comes to parts used in harsh conditions typically found in aerospace or defense applications, failure is not an option. The difference between equipment reliability and failure often comes down to whether or not a part is manufactured to its precise specifications. That’s why it pays to work with a company known for quality and producing parts that meet aerospace customers’ stringent requirements. Here are some of the things to look for when selecting a contract manufacturer for your aerospace parts.

  • Advanced machines and process capabilities. The aerospace industry often requires unique components, designed in-house by the contractor, whose requirements can exceed the scope of typical contract manufacturers.
  • Repeatable and reproducible results. As the industry continually demands smaller, more lightweight parts, geometries are getting smaller, more complex and more difficult to produce with consistency. The right contract partner can deliver the repeatability critical to manufacturing aerospace parts.
  • Tight controls. Parts with complex geometries and tight dimensional tolerances need advanced measuring and inspection equipment to ensure precision and strict adherence to customer specifications.
  • Commitment to quality. Companies that serve the aerospace industry must meet the AS9100D standard. This certification indicates that a company implements and maintains strict quality requirements to ensure its products operate safely and reliably under challenging aerospace conditions.
  • Compliance to industry standards. In addition to AS9100D certification, an advanced manufacturing specialist should comply with other relevant aerospace industry standards.

Look for Advanced Manufacturing and Metrology Capabilities

Pulse Technologies offers a wide range of capabilities to address aerospace customers’ evolving needs at every step of the manufacturing process from prototyping through delivery. Using advanced CNC swiss machines, milling machines capable of tolerances of 0.0002 inches and sophisticated measurement equipment, we specialize in delivering difficult-to-produce parts exactly to customer specifications with exceptional repeatability. Our mechanical and electromechanical assembly offerings include:

  • CNC laser welding, including validation and force testing.
  • Epoxied or glued mechanical assemblies.
  • Laser texturing for enhanced metal-to-plastic bond strength.
  • Welding and soldering.
  • Parts assembly.

Our strict precision manufacturing and adherence to customer specifications is made possible thanks to our comprehensive roster of state-of-the-art metrology equipment that includes coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), laser micrometers, vision systems and scanning electron microscopes (SEM). For example, our X-ray measuring devices provide resolution down to 1 micron, and our systems consistently realize gage R&R levels lower than 10 percent. We also verify process quality using a self-updating statistical process control (SPC) system that constantly compares Cp and Cpk values against a part’s specifications. This allows us to set tight control limits and to take quick corrective action should a process vary from a customer specification.

As an AS9100D-certified company, Pulse Technologies has an unwavering commitment to quality. In fact, AS9100D is the basis for our operating model. And, we prove it through comprehensive documentation and a culture of continuous improvement. In addition to our AS9100D certification, Pulse Technologies is NADCAP accredited, ITAR Registered and our certification and registration information is available in the International Aerospace Quality Group’s (IAQG) OASIS® system.

Not Every Contract Manufacturer Is the Same

When it comes to precision-manufactured parts for the aerospace industry, not every contract manufacturer is the same. Pulse Technologies has the expertise, advanced machining, metrology and quality controls to satisfy the aerospace industry’s requirements for machined parts with tight tolerances made to precise customer specifications.

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