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Sharing Our Engineering, Manufacturing and Metrology Resources With Our Customers

Let Pulse function as part of your design team. We’re bringing our engineering, manufacturing and metrology resources into your prototyping and process development work — and we’re doing it quickly using the same production machines that make the parts.

The Work@Pulse Program

Thanks to our Work@Pulse program, you can work on your project onsite at our facility and iterate designs using the production and metrology equipment that would be making those parts in the future. This process offers a number of benefits. It’s faster than traditional rapid prototyping, avoids shipping delays and removes any inspection correlation bottlenecks. Because we’re using our machines to perform the prototyping and process development work, this program also removes the friction between transferring projects from R&D into production.

We can iterate around a variety of variables including complex part geometries, tolerance analysis and surface finish optimization. You can also apply metrology processes to your product using state-of-the-art equipment — like scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and laser scanners — that is usually not found in prototyping environments. And, in addition to using our machines, you’ll have access to our technical and engineering staff. Pulse Technologies is an FDA-registered facility with over two decades of experience in creating design history records and data that is formatted for immediate use, analysis and distribution.

Getting Started

We place no limit on what you can do. You can use our facility for one day or several days. You can come in with one drawing or with several. The typical workflow is to iterate designs in the morning and then manufacture the design iterations in the afternoon.

The Work@Pulse program requires a flat fee to participate, and you’re under no obligation to commercialize your parts with us once you’re done. Although in our experience, most participants collaborate with us for high-volume production needs.

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